Sexual Assault Survivors Library

The Sexual Assault Survivors Library is a collection of books on topics of sexual assault and healing. Some books are directly related to the topic while others have mentions of sexual assault. Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach utilizing books and other forms of literature as a way to support healing and recovery. Reading and reflecting on materials has shown to help individuals cope with emotions and process difficult situations.

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Women’s Law Project

The Women’s Law Project is an organization that works to fight for accessibility to reproductive healthcare and abortion, and improving response to violence and discrimination against women. While the project works to provide services to a wider range of topics and actions, the project provides resources for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Sexual Assault Resources (Main page)

Domestic Violence Resources– The page provides a number of different resources regarding common issues faced by victims of Domestic violence (i.e. protection orders, housing/shelters, insurance discrimination).

NIH- Coping with Traumatic Events

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIH) provides information on trauma and tips to cope with a traumatic event. Coping with Traumatic Events breaks down some warning signs of what can trauma can look like in a person.

Individuals who have experienced a traumatic event can respond with feelings of anxiousness, a depressed mood, or anger. They can have trouble concentrating, eating, or sleeping. It’s important to know that each individual is different. The warning signs listed in this article may not encompass everything that a person experiences.

The article provides additional resources on the responses and some ways to cope with these responses.