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Victim Advocate Updates

Victim Advocate Hours

Mya White comes to us from the YWCA as our on-campus Victim Advocate. She holds meetings on K’s campus through scheduled time. To see available times, please select from the available meeting times at this link: Schedule with Mya! For additional questions or concerns, please email Mya at or call/text at 269.303.6394. YWCA Kalamazoo…

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What is an Advocate?

What is an Advocate?

A Victim’s Advocate is a professional staff member who provides nonjudgmental, private support to student survivors of gender-based violence. Their role is to provide trauma-informed services to students who live on- or off-campus. Through work with the Project Coordinator and Title IX Coordinator, the Victim’s Advocate will help identify barriers that victims from under-served communities face in obtaining assistance and in establishing coordinated sensitive assistance.

Victim Advocacy services are free, and designed to help each individual pursue the course of action they feel is best for them.

What does an Advocate do?

What does an Advocate do?

Our Victim’s Advocate is available to provide empathetic support and resources to students who have been exposed to gender-based violence. Support can include:

  • Referrals to individual counseling, support groups and other supportive services on campus and in the community
  • Education about medical options and procedures, including evidence collection
  • Information and/or referrals to legal advocacy, including Personal Protection Orders
  • Support and assistance in reporting an assault to Campus Police, if student chooses
  • Support and assistance in navigating K’s conduct system, if student chooses
  • Support and assistance in participating in a Title IX investigation
  • Support and assistance in academic, housing, employment, or other accommodations
  • Assistance for significant others and friends of victim/survivors of gender-based violence
When do I call the Advocate?

When do I call the Advocate?

Know that you have options, and you are not alone. Services through the campus advocate are available are provided below. To set up a time to speak with an advocate call the 269.303.6394 or email,

Please note: Email is not a secure form of communication, therefore confidentiality cannot be assured. If the Victim Advocate is not available and you need to speak to someone right away, please call YWCA private 24-hour Helpline at 269.385.3587, Campus Safety at 269.337.7321 or for an emergency dial 911.

Advocates provide private support. This means that talking with an advocate DOES NOT start a formal conduct or criminal process unless you want to access those options.

Due to the transition to online classes, victim advocacy services have changed hours. Below are the adjusted hours. There is some flexibility.

Please contact Mya White,, to schedule appointments.

Mya White (She/Her)

YWCA Campus and Special Populations SA Advocate
Location: Library 212 and virtual meetings
Contact:269.303.6394 (call or text)