Sexual Peer Educators at K

Sexual Peer Educators at K, known as SPEAK, provides education and training and leads or participates in events such as First Year Forums, Community Reflections, Peer Leader and RA training, and class presentations, often in collaboration with other departments such as the Counseling Center and the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership.

The goals of SPEAK are to:

• Reduce the incidence of sexual misconduct within the K community
• Provide training and programming related to sexual assault prevention, healthy relationships, consent, and bystander intervention
• Educate the student body on their Title IX rights, reporting options, and support services

Be sure to look for presentations on…

  • Consent
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Safe Sex
    • During COVID-19
  • Decriminalizing Sex Work

For More Information:

For more information, contact Haley Mangette, at 269.337.7460 or email Haley.Mangette@kzoo.edu.

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