Taking Me Back- Supporting Survivors

Taking Me Back is an independent poster that supports sexual assault survivors through posts on a variety of information. The page discusses survivors like Vanessa Guillen, Toyin Salua, Daisy Coleman, and many other survivors, as well as current policies and the impact that they have for survivors. The page posts resources specific to different identities.

Instagram: @_taking.me.back_

Twitter: @_takingmeback_

Website: https://takingmeback18.wixsite.com/-tmb

Secondary Survivors Facebook Group

A support system is crucial for a survivor to heal. Members in this support system can be considered “Secondary Survivors”. It may be difficult to imagine or completely understand what the survivor has gone through.The Secondary Survivors group is a peer group that aims to provide tools and resources for the secondary survivors to better understand the experience of the survivor. They have educational handouts, videos, articles, and other mediums to empower secondary survivors to better understand and cope with the incident.

While a survivor has the experience with assault, abuse, or rape, those who are supporting the survivor can experience trauma or feelings of guilt. It is possible to experience secondary trauma or a traumatic response to what someone else experienced. As a secondary survivor, you may also experience times in which you are unaware of what to do to support the survivor.

Indelible Podcast

“Indelible”, a podcast started by Dr. Jill Christman and a group of undergraduate students at Ball State in Indiana, aims to start conversations surround sexual violence on college campuses. The first season comprises of five episodes with discussions on “the Red Zone”, trauma response, Title IX, legal processes, and self-empowerment.

Podcasts can be found on Simplecast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

The group has also developed a number of resources for individuals who’ve experienced sexual violence. The website offers specific information about Title IX, for survivors, for loved ones. A list of literature sources are also provided on the website: Books, Films & TV, Music, and Podcasts.

More information about the project can be found here: Indelible Podcast


@SurvivorsofColor is an Instagram and Facebook page that offers support and empowerment of BIPOC who have experienced sexual violence.

Patricia O’Garro, creator of the pages, shares hopeful and caring messages for survivors of color. As a survivor herself, she shares resources and posts on topics of trauma, social justice, and support.

Instagram: @survivorsofcolor

Facebook: survivorsofcolor