provides the “largest online and mobile searchable directory of domestic violence programs and shelters in the U.S. and Canada, and a leading source of helpful tools and information for people experiencing and working to end domestic violence”. The map can be found on Find Help.

The organization provides a series of toolkits on Commonly Asked Questions covering topics of gaslighting, power and control, types of abuse, and more. Additionally there are a series of blog posts on a range of topics, that can be found on Articles. Under the Resources tab, information can be found about lists of common attributes of relationship issues or abuse, comprehensive guides, mobile apps for victim-survivors, recommended books or podcasts, and more.

My Plan

The myPlan app helps identify, navigate and provides resources for a range of relationship abuse concerns. Protected by a pin-code you’ve selected, the app allows you to create a basic safety plan, assess your (or your friend’s or family member’s) relationship, and learn about relationship behaviors.

The app is available for someone in a potentially harmful relationship, or for friends and family that are worried about their loved ones in a potentially harmful relationship. While the version for the potential victim includes considerations for men, women, and gender non-conforming individuals, it is important to note that the friends and family version focuses on women and gender non-conforming individuals.

What to expect when logging in:

Your first login will ask you to create a pin to protect the information included on the app. It will prompt you with the directions of setting up your plan. Firstly, you will select whether this plan is for your own relationship or if it is for a friend/family member’s relationship.

For your relationship:

You will then select the gender identity that most closely aligns with your identity and whether or not you are a college student. The bottom bar on the app allows you to select from assess, safety plan, and learn. In the Assess tab, you can provide information that is pertinent to your situation (i.e. if you are a parent or pregnant). This tab will go through information about you, what your hope is for the relationship, and your location for resources catered for you. You have the option to skip providing your location. The Assess tab will also review your relationship with questions around “red flag” behaviors. It then moves on to asking about intensity and your safety. Lastly, the Assess tab helps your review your priorities to help you make decisions. By completing this tab, the Safety Plan tab caters resources and strategies for you. Lastly, the Learn tab provides educational content on relationship violence and healthy relationships.

For friend/family’s relationship:

You will select the gender identity that most closely aligns with your friend’s identity and whether or not you are a college student. The bottom bar on the app allows you to select from assess, safety plan, and learn. In the Assess tab, you are able to provide information on the situation and better understand the health and safety of the relationship/situation. You will have several categories to choose from, including the creation of an emergency plan, protecting yourself, reaching out, and education.

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Docusafe is a free app that allows survivors of gender-based violence to collect, store, and share evidence of abuse. Survivors can include photos, screenshots, or videos. Survivors are able to document threatening messages, harassment, repeated unwanted phone calls, or other abusive behaviors.

Docusafe provides a safe, centralized location for any evidence the survivor may need to pursue legal or Title IX action. The app offers an easy way to share information with selected individuals, while keeping the information confidential with a password protected set up. The app also provides resources that can aid the survivor in understanding the tactics of abuse, safety planning and evidence collection.

Please be sure to consider safety risks when downloading this app. If the abusive individual learns of this app it may escalate the behaviors.

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Additional information about the app can be found here: DocuSAFE: Documentation and Evidence Collection App


An app that allows survivors to report anonymously to a group of lawyers. The database that allows lawyers to link victims of mutual offenders to pursue legal action.

For more information on the app, please click here: JDoe

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