Survivor Love Letters

Originally started by Tani Ikeda in 2012, Survivor Love Letters allowed for Tani, other survivors and allies to create love or support letters for individuals who have experienced sexual assault. Posts can be found on the organization’s Tumblr page:


K’s Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Advocacy has adapted this program to provide a community of support from fellow members of K campus. As a victim-survivor, we understand the difficulties you may face. This collection aims to spread the message to you as a survivor that  not only are you believed, not only are you supported, but you are loved.  These letters can include, but are not limited to, written letters, photos, paintings, drawings, songs, poetry, etc.

We ask you to please consider the following guidelines when creating “survivor love letters”:

  • It should be supportive of victims/survivors.
  • Your letter should not use graphic language. We urge you to use caution when using potentially triggering language.
  • No more than 5 pages.
  • No identifying information; if you as the author want to identify yourself, you are able to. However, we ask you not to identify other individuals.

All submissions are anonymous, unless author provides name.

The collection can be found here: Survivor Love Letters

If you would like to submit, you can upload your Survivor Love Letter here: Submissions