Transition to virtual group (Victim Advocacy)

The Survivors of Gender-based Violence Support group will transition to the virtual setting beginning Thursday, December 2nd. The group takes place on Thursdays from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. ET.

Anyone who is a survivor/victim and interested in attending this virtual group; please reach out to Mallory Kruizenga ( for further information and access to the group link.

What to expect when coming to a virtual group?

  • Names and gender pronouns are introduced in the beginning of each group meeting for respect and inclusion of everyone attending. Anyone who would not like to use their actual name, but rather an alias, can do so (Please let only the facilitator of the group know that you will be using an alias, prior to attending).
  • Because it is a virtual platform; there are more risks involved with confidentiality, than in person groups. We do ask participants to show their faces in the beginning of each meeting to confirm that individual person is actually present. If anyone has an issue with turning on their camera at any time to the rest of the group; the facilitator can place themselves and the participant into a quick break out room where the participant can turn on their camera for confirmation and then return right back to the group.
  • There are group guidelines that will be implemented within the group and shared with each group member prior to each group meeting.